Electric Tow Tractor Linde P50A (Series 8910)

Brand Linde Power Electric
Model P50A (Series 8910) Year
Capacity 5000 kg Code P50AS8910
Specification Load capacity 5000 kg, Electric Motor

1. Standard and Optional Equipment

Standard Equipment

  • 6kW AC drive motor
  • 48V 275Ah lead-aid battery
  • Quick and easy battery side change
  • Adjustable electrical steering
  • Suspension chassis design
  • Inching control button
  • SE tyres
  • Key switch
  • Single pedal accelerator and direction lever
  • Rear multi-position towing coupling
  • LED light
  • Audible warning in reverse
  • Storage
  • Cup holder
  • Three independent braking systems
Xe kéo điện Linde P50A (Series 8910)

Xe kéo điện Linde P50A (Series 8910)

Optional Equipment

  • Comfort seat with mechanical suspension
  • 48A 325Ah lead-acid battery
  • Traction pin release device
  • Flash beacon
  • Full cabin
  • Rear mirror
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Carrier for batteries

2. Technical data

Load capacity kg 5000
Service weight kg 1190
Travel speed ( with/ without load) km/h 7/17
Battery voltage V/Ah 48 / 275
Drive motor AC kW 6
Xe kéo điện Linde P50A (Series 8910)

Xe kéo điện Linde P50A (Series 8910)

3. Features

  • Superb working environment
  • Low step height for easy on/off access
  • Superbly spacious and ergonomic driver’s compartment EPS
  • Comfortable seat designed with suspension chassis gives driver more comfortable

4. Performance

A powerful 6 kW sealed AC drive motor for impressive pulling power. Equipped the inching button, multi-position towing coupling and rear carrying platform to deliver consistently high efficiency and productivity ratios in a wide range of material handling applications. Electrical power steering designed with the advanced controllers to gives the operating of truck more safety and easily.

5. Safety

Linde Electric Tow Tractor designed with a heavy-duty steel chassis, and provide 3 independent braking system, seat safety switch , emergency button, regenerative electric braking, high brightness LED design to gives the driver a safety feeling during drive the tractor.

Xe kéo điện Linde P50A (Series 8910)

Xe kéo điện Linde P50A (Series 8910)

6. Ergonomics

Reasonable layout of the interior space, more convenient and efficient to maintain. Full swing out service compartment doors, quickly-release dashboard gives complete access to componentry long maintenance intervals, greatly reducing maintenance cost and time.

7. Reliability

Reliable, stable chassis design gives the truck more stable. CAN-bus communication reduces wiring and electrical connections, AC motor technology no more commutating brushes, all LED lights design, and the key component conducted a rigorous testing to ensure the reliability and extend lifetime of the truck.

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