Linde Reach Truck MR12AP – MR15AP (Series 1166)

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Brand Linde Power Electric
Model MR12AP - MR15AP (Series 1166) Year
Capacity 1200 - 1500kg Code MR12APMR15APS1166
Specification Load capacity 1200 - 1500kg, electric motor, lift 3000mm

1. Features

Steering system

  • Responsive power-assisted steering for effortless, precise operation
  • Automatic speed reduction in cornering
  • Creep speed function ensures high maneuverability in narrow space when you folding arm guard or platform

Lifting system

  • Proportional lifting control provides accurate, smooth operation.
  • Lifting limit function: cut-off the lifting motor automatically at max. lifting height, more safety
  • Wide range of mast options available

Xe nâng Linde Reach Truck MR12AP - MR15AP

Drive system

  • Imported brand controller provides precise control and adjustable parameters
  • Dustproof and moisture proof AC motor enables maintenance free

Operation platform

  • All controls on the tiller head
  • Fold platform and arm guard ensure a flexible operation
  • Soft rubber mat of platform, high operator comfort

Xe nâng Linde Reach Truck MR12AP - MR15AP

Braking system

  • Efficient electromagnetic brake when the tiller arm at vertical or horizontal position
  • Release the accelerator button into automatic brake
  • Belly switch ensures a safety distance
  • Emergency button, near your hand

2. Technical data

Load capacity kg 1200 1500
Service weight (include battery) kg 1745 1880
Lift height mm 3000 3000
Turning radius mm 1597 1760
Travel speed km/h 5.5/6.0 5.5/6.0
Battery voltage V/Ah 24/210 24/280

Xe nâng Linde Reach Truck MR12AP - MR15AP

3. Safety

The Linde new reach truck equipped with fold platform and side guard, as a leading performer in intensive narrow aisle and retrieval applications. Battery discharge protection can cut-off lifting function automatically at low voltage for a longer lifetime.

Xe nâng Linde Reach Truck MR12AP - MR15AP

4. Performance

The AC drive concept combined with famous brand controller translates the powerful output of the AC motor into seamless work efficiency.

Side battery change and multiple battery capacity ensure that each truck is precisely matched to the demands of individual applications.

  • MR12AP: 24V/210Ah
  • MR15AP: 24V/280Ah

Xe nâng Linde Reach Truck MR12AP - MR15AP

5. Comfort

A perfect interface between operator and truck has achieved with the Linde ergonomic design concept, including centralized tiller head, power-steering and intuitive layout of all controls. Comfortable driving, optimum performance.

Xe nâng Linde Reach Truck MR12AP - MR15AP

6. Reliability

The truck equipped with famous brand drive motor, provides high performance and stability. Robust chassis and tilting fork carriage ensures clear view and high residual capacity.

Swift access to all components, and maintenance-free AC motors play an important role in keeping truck uptime up. All the performance parameters can be configured easily to match the requirements of the customer’s application.

Xe nâng Linde Reach Truck MR12AP - MR15AP