1. Hoang Gia Lam professional forklift truck rental service

Understanding the needs of many businesses, Hoang Gia Lam Service and Trading Co., Ltd (HGL Co., Ltd) constantly develops forklift rental services including new and used forklifts.

In terms of categories: Reach truck, double deep, forklift, forklift, low-rise forklift, high-rise standing forklift, high-rise standing forklift, forklift, forklift. arms, round / square paper stacker, double forklift, double deep forklift,…

Dịch vụ cho thuê xe nâng hàng

Engine: Including electric forklifts, gas / petrol forklifts, gas forklifts, and oil forklifts

About the brand: Includes Linde, Komatsu, TCM, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Still, Nichiyu, Toyota, etc.

Origin: Including forklifts imported from Germany, Japan, England, …

HGL provides forklift rental services with all types of forklifts to help customers have the most appropriate choice for their business as well as save fuel, suitable for transporting, arranging goods in warehousing, factory, or packing and emptying containers.

Forklifts for hire at HGL have large tonnage from 2.5 tons, 4 tons, 8 tons, 12 tons to ensure high work progress, suitable for many operating capacities in small, medium and large factories.

Royal forestry professional forklift rental service

2. Why should you choose car rental company Hoang Gia Lam?

HGL owns a modern forklift system for convenient transportation of goods in the factory. Maintain according to manufacturers’ standards, and always renovate forklifts after a certain shelf life. All will meet all the needs of lifting your furniture, goods, even the heaviest and heaviest.

Experienced staff

Any problems with the forklift’s technical faults will be promptly repaired or replaced by HGL technical staff. Ensuring customers’ work processes take place throughout.

Royal forestry professional forklift rental service

HGL sales team is equipped with full professional knowledge about forklifts, ready to advise customers of suitable forklifts for each purpose of use of such items as factories, logistics, warehouses. refrigeration, lifting goods in warehouses, single shelves, double deep shelves, … So our forklifts withstand high working intensity but still efficient and fuel efficient.

With an experienced management team, professionally trained, enthusiastic customer care. We always have reasonable advice for customers to rent a suitable forklift.

Quality service

Coming to HGL forklift rental service, you are committed to renting the desired type of forklift at any time, responding immediately to unexpected situations such as car damage or more production.

We offer flexible forklift rental times. Customers can rent a forklift in any desired time. HGL always creates many advantages for you and the business.

Customers who use HGL’s forklift service always have regular maintenance for rental cars such as replacing the parts according to the manufacturer’s standards and those that show signs of damage, Ensure the vehicle’s working efficiency in the long run.

3. Our forklift rental process

Customers wishing to rent a forklift, directly contact Hoang Gia Lam Trading Service Co., Ltd. via phone, email, website for our sales team to receive specific information and advice. , the company will have staff to conduct field surveys if needed. With our many years of experience, we are committed to advising you on the forklifts that best suit your factory and the nature of your work while still saving optimum fuel.

Signing forklift rental contract: Based on the agreement of the customer and the company, will agree to sign specific documents. We always create the best conditions for easy forklifts to be legally rented.

Shipping method: We deliver goods by truck or truck to customers.
Shipping cost: Shipping cost is agreed between the Customer and HGL Co., Ltd

We always have a technical team ready for maintenance and repair for technical errors of the vehicle. In case of damage, HGL will have technical staff to deal with it immediately. We always prioritize handling technical issues because they are directly related to labor safety, goods safety, work schedule of customers.

Liquidation of the contract: At the end of the car rental term, the company will recall the vehicle. If customers want to hire more, we always create the best conditions.


  • Pay by cash directly
  • Transfer money to the account of Hoang Gia Lam Service Trading Company Limited

4. Forklift rental quote

Hoang Gia Lam always gives customers the best service, quality forklifts desire to meet maximum demand. Customers who wish to buy or rent a forklift, when contacting us, we will be enthusiastically consulted by Sales staff to help customers choose the right forklift truck or forklift rental service. needs and budgets.

Customers wishing to buy or rent a car please contact us for a quote on forklift rental:

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