New paint forklift truck is a service that Hoang Gia Lam Forklift Company provides to serve customers to repair and repair forklifts. Especially the forklift trucks operating in the warehouse environment due to the weather, collision during the operation process easily makes the forklift paint color is silver, rusted, peeling, scratched.

1. Why should new paint forklift?

After a long time of operation when the paintwork of the forklift cover is heavily scratched, the inner metal layer is also more quickly oxidized, the scratches on the car quickly rust, losing the aesthetics of the vehicle. You should repaint the entire area to ensure the car.

Forklifts are an important means of lifting for businesses and factories. In Vietnam, businesses using forklifts rarely pay attention to regular maintenance and maintenance, only when the vehicle has a problem, they call a technician for repair. Should repair costs high because to damage too many things. Especially the appearance of the forklift is less noticeable, as long as the car works well and is durable. But actually when looking at the forklift next to working well also need to be beautiful and clean, showing the professionalism of the business.

2. New paint forklift – Hoang Gia Lam Forklift Company (HGL)

When painting new forklifts, you can choose your own color according to the original color or change the paint color to your liking.

New paint process forklift truck

1. Cleanliness: We carry out cleaning of the forklift truck.

2. Remove old paint: Use a tool to remove all old paint colors, clean the rust on the car, use sandpaper to polish the clean surface so that when you apply the new paint, it will stick more firmly to the forklift’s hull. The new paint is nice and smooth.

3. New paint color for forklifts: Use the color mixer to paint the original colors of the car. Because each color has a different color code, it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. When painting on the car if it is not the right color, it will look very different. Coloring is also an important stage for the car to look like its original paint color.

4. Paint forklift: Cover the parts do not need to paint and spray evenly the new layer of color onto the forklift’s hand. After finishing the part to be painted will let the paint dry.

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