Very Narrow Aisle K (Series 5231)

Brand Linde Power Electric
Model K (Series 5231) Year
Capacity 700 - 1500kg Code KS5231
Specification Load capacity 1500kg.

Standard Equiment

  • Operators cabin “Combi” for easy stacking or order picking
  • Height and length adjustable and stowable fabric seat
  • Suspension-mounted cab to absorb shock and vibration
  • Very soft and comfortable platform surface
  • Steering knob
  • Truck access via key
  • Low step on height for easy on and off
  • Optic and acoustic user guidance with signalling
  • Basic functions without changing position of grip
  • Multipurpose full graphic color display
  • Sensor area for secured 2 handed driving
  • Lateral barriers left and right
  • LSC standard
  • Synchronized lowering/ lifting
  • Energy recovery when braking or lowering the cabin
  • Synchronous reach and rotate of forks
  • L-Head or telescopic forks
  • 7 kW drive motor
  • 20kW lift motor

Xe nâng Linde VNA K (Series 5231)


3 different cabins available: Combi cabin (combined picking / stacking), Comfort cabin with + 100mm more depth, Cold store cabin (- 30 °C).
Reduced shock and vibration due to isolation of cabin from chassis
Easy and low access height
Various comfortable and adjustable seats

Linde System Control (LSC)

LSC Standard: Dynamic residual capacity diagram depening on lift height
LSC Load: Optimisation of shift, swiveling and supplementary lift by load recognition
LSC Weight: Optimization of all moved axes depending on actual load weight and lift height

Modular concept

Unique modular design concept enables perfect individualization
Combination of different lift and drive motors
Truck capacities from 0.5 t to 1.5 t
Various cabin widths and executions
Various chassis widths
Different battery compartments

Xe nâng Linde VNA K (Series 5231)


Side barriers for quick access and easy order picking
Glass doors to avoid draft and wind
Tilting barriers for perfect reach to picking position


New modular design with exceptionally stable, low deflection characteristics
Alternative standard and triplex mast to suit all headroom requirements
More than 60 different masts available
Automatic soft stop of lift, rotate and traverse movements

Xe nâng Linde VNA K (Series 5231)

Control panel

Control panel options for perfect customisation
Split control panel for full pallet handling
Front control panel for order picking or full pallet handling


Strong motors enable high lift- and driving-speeds, while the ergonomic control panel enables quick load handling with minimal hand movement. Assisting systems like LSC or the Aisle Safety Assist support the operator for maximum throughput in safe operation.
The innovative Active Stability Control assistance system ensures a smooth and fast travel speed even on floors that do not comply with VDMA guidelines. The electro-mechanical sensors identify and automatically compensate unevenness of the floor to achieve maximum handling performance.


The K truck has various systems to offer safe operations for the driver as well as for its environment. The personal safety system prevents damage inside the aisle, while the innovative rescue alarm detects unusual operators behavior and attracts attention in emergency cases.


With the K trucks superb cabin layout the operator feels immediately at ease and acclimatised. With generous space for freedom of movement, the cab offers a comfortable operational environment for fatigue-free working and promotes optimum efficiency and productivity.

Xe nâng Linde VNA K (Series 5231)


These ruggedly constructed, high quality trucks combine with advanced technology and Linde‘s vast experience in very narrow aisle applications to ensure optimum reliability and durability.


Integrated diagnostic CAN bus technology minimises maintenance intervals. Easy access to all service relevant components enables quick maintenance and low downtimes. The new oil tank is designed for quick access and short maintenance, as well as for optimized foaming behavior.

Xe nâng Linde VNA K (Series 5231)